The HAZ – IDENT“ project is funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism Program “Environment, Energy and Climate Change”.

The project aims to improve the capacity of environmental authorities and economic operators to properly identify and classify hazardous waste. Only with the proper identification of hazardous waste can safe disposal of hazardous waste be expected, which would lead to the improvement of the ecological status of ecosystems and the reduction of the negative effects of pollution and other human activities.


  1. After analyzing the methods of hazardous waste identification applied in Lithuania and foreign countries and the current situation in Lithuania related to the identification of hazardous waste sources and treatment methods, to develop a national unified hazardous waste identification methodology, which would allow more accurate identification and classification of hazardous waste.
  2. Based on the developed methodology to create e. training material (e-tool) on the identification of hazardous waste separately for representatives of industry and environmental authorities.
  3. Organize separate seminars on the application of the methodology to industry and environmental authorities.
  4. Organize visits to environmental authorities and companies in the Kingdom of Norway to exchange good practice in hazardous waste identification.

The developed Hazardous Waste Identification Methodology is expected to be widely used after the completion of the project. A reference to the methodology will be provided in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania regulating waste management. It is planned that the unified methodology of hazardous waste will be applied by the employees of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Environmental Protection under the Ministry of Environment and legal entities managing waste, as well as economic entities whose activities generate hazardous waste and have the obligation to properly identify it.

The target groups of the project are employees of state environmental protection institutions and representatives of economic entities engaged in activities in the field of hazardous waste management or in the activities of which hazardous waste is generated.

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